: Changing Throttle bodies on my N*? Proceedure!

05-21-05, 10:23 AM
Im almost ready to change throttle bodies with the one i made for my N*.
I was just wondering what i would need to do this.

Get a Throttle body gasket from the dealer, is there a gasket for where the mounting plate meets the manifold as well?

and i was thinking of lining the gasket with some permatex sealer . I dont know th setup of the N* until i take it off,but im just assuming its gaskets like any other car.

any info would help. thanks.

05-21-05, 11:08 AM
You don't say what year your N* is. This is the factory procedure for a 95.

Remove or disconnect...
Neg batt cable
IAT sensor connector
Crankcase vent pipe at air intake duct
Air intake duct with air cleaner housing
TP sensor and ISC acctuator electrical connectors
Vacuum manifold at throttle body
Cruise control cable at throttle body
Cruise control servo vacuum hoses and electrical connector
Cruise control servo and bracket. Lay aside with transaxle shift cable attached
Accelerator cable at throttle body and ISC actuator bracket
Injector harness, transaxle vent hose and vacuum lines at ISC actuator bracket
Throttle body mount bolts
Throttle body coolant hoses at throttle body
Throttle body and O-ring seal

The throttle body is held by 4 screws to the intake manifold with a spacer in between. O-rings are on both sides of the spacer. I would definitely get new ones if your taking it apart. I would also recommend using vasoline to hold the new O-rings in place.

Now...I'm curious...why did you make a new throttle body?

05-21-05, 05:38 PM
i have a 99 sorry.
damn this is gonna be a 5 hour project.

i didnt wanna spend 360 plus 100 core charge for RSM. so i made my own. ported it out, added new throttle blade, match ported the mounting plate.

05-22-05, 09:15 AM
While it sounds like a lot of work, it's really not that bad. The hardest thing in my opinion is getting the 2 bottom bolts out of the TB. It helps to have a torx driver the appropriate size as opposed to a torx socket that fits on a driver.
I really don't know if a 99 is easier than this, you may want to invest in a factory service manual. Definitely worth the $$$