: how much dex cool and distilled water?

05-20-05, 08:55 PM
i am changing my coolant tomarrow. i bought the GM coolant pellets from the cadillac dealer. and i went to wal mart and bought havoline dex cool. i was wondering how much do i use of dex cool and distilled water. i know its 50/50 but now sure how much to use of each.

05-20-05, 09:42 PM
It doesn't matter. Just premix them 50/50 and pour it in til it's full. Save the rest.

05-21-05, 05:07 AM
yup just pour half and half....I changed out a little under 2 gallons from mine. (gravity drain, no flush)

05-21-05, 10:38 AM
thanks guys, yeah im doing gravity drain. and maybe hook up shop vac to the surge tank and set it for output. and blow the rest out.

05-21-05, 11:10 AM
Mine takes just under 3 gallons with pulling the drain cock out of the radiator. Pull the bottom hose off the surge tank to drain it.

05-21-05, 05:37 PM
thanks guys, yeah im doing gravity drain. and maybe hook up shop vac to the surge tank and set it for output. and blow the rest out.
The shop vac method works very well. I've done it.

05-22-05, 12:04 PM
what are these GM coolant pellets? and are they necessary?

05-22-05, 05:48 PM
refering to the question of what are these pellets. here is some information i found from other posts. most likely from bbob and others.

The material is just a sealer to guard against nuisance leaks in the cooling sytem. With aluminum engines it is not too uncommon to get some seepage due to porosity in castings and such and the sealer guards against such leaks that might occur over time as porosity and coldshuts in the castings open up with the thermal cycling of the engine. The supplement/sealer does NOTHING but seal leaks. It does not protect the engine in any way other than against leaks.

The sealant works with both DexCool and conventional green coolant.

Crushing the pellets is completely unnecessary. That instruction is a carry over from the 4.9 engine where the supplement was introduced into the radiator itself...and there was not room in the end tank (due to the oil cooler inside the tank) to get a full sized pellet in. Just pop the pellets into the radiator hose whole and reconnect the hose. They will have turned to mush in the coolant before you have the clamp tightened.

With the Northstar the supplement (pellets/powder) MUST be installed in the radiator hoses to introduce the material into the bulk flow of the coolant to ensure it is distributed thru the system. More confusion occurs because people put it into the pressurized surge tank and then run into problems with it plugging the hose from the surge tank to the water pump. This makes them think that they need to crush the pellets. There is little or no flow thru the surge tank so putting the material in there will not distribute it thru the system (so it will not work and they think it is ineffective) and/or it can clog the hose to the water pump because the material just lies there in a lump and does not disperse. The material does not "dissolve" in a classic sense...it stays whole and in suspension in the coolant and is just dispersed as minute particulates thru the system. So, if there is insufficient flow to get it dispersed it can cause local problems if it is not installed in the radiator hose correctly.

I recommend that you put 6 of the large GM supplement pellets into a 4.9 engine or a Northstar engine. The service manual calls for 3 of the large pellets for the Northstar since less leak protection is needed with the Northstar since it cannot leak coolant into the oil. 6 will provide extra protection from seepages long term and 6 is the recommended dose for the 4.9 engine as the 4.9 CAN leak coolant into the oil...so the extra dosage is required to maintain the adequate leak protection.

If you use the BarsLeaks golden seal powder - two tubes in a Northstar. The BarsLeaks pellets that I have seen are about half the size of the GM pellets so I would recommend 10-12 of them.

The stuff is just an organic material.....ground up ginger root. It works because it shrinks when wet and expands when dry. It will "clot" in a leak area and then expand on the "dry" side to seal the leak. That is why it will not clog heater cores...there is no air on the backside of the orifice for the material to expand.

Pellets, powder, crushed, not crushed, top radiator hose, bottom radiator hose....all OK. Either rad hose (whichever is easiest to get to) will work the same as the bulk flow of the coolant goes thru both to disperse the material thru the system. Put it into the radiator directly of the 4.9 so you don't have to disconnect a hose.

The factory puts the sealer/supplement pellets into each new cooling system for the Northstar and we do NOT take the time to crush each of them up...!!! The factory install was discontinued for a few years but is being reinstated due to the low but persistent cases of nuisance seepages and leaks.

so in the end i do they think they help ALOT. and are highly recommended.