: 94 FWB rear ride height

05-20-05, 09:17 AM
Can anyone tell me if the rear ride height is adjustable on my 1994 FWB? The ride level system is working but I feel the rear is sagging a bit, have noticed most other FWB's ride higher. Thanks.

05-20-05, 10:08 AM
your springs might need replacing, but u can move the leveling sensor up

05-20-05, 07:04 PM
Blown shocks are #1 culprit of butt draggers....

The car is designed for proper ride height with new shocks with gas pressure. So when they lose the pressure, they sag. The level ride can pump it up, so check it. You can tweak it to run higher.

Anyone have a FSM handy that can post the proper heights and where to measure them? I think it is towards the front or back of the book. Frame section I believe.

05-20-05, 08:53 PM
I don't have the specs on hand but if it looks like it's sagging you probably have bad shocks. Either the air is leaking, which would cause the level ride to run frequently. Mine was like every five minutes.

Is the shock itself is leaking you may be able to see oil on the outside of the shock but either way it sounds like they need to be replaced.

05-21-05, 06:51 AM
Thanks for the help folks, More than likely should just do the shocks, 158,000 miles probably on the originals! Man I love this site! My FWB will be so happy.

05-24-05, 06:07 PM
on my 1995 it was the shocks.

The level height adjuster is up above the differential just in front of the rear axle. You have to adjust two bolts and a lever that controls air into or out of the shocks. Don't gop too high in the back or you'll overload the front suspension!

In the manual it'sa under "rear suspension".