: engine managament/swap in jeep

05-19-05, 08:10 PM
I have alot of question , first let me fill you in on whats going on.
i am planing on putting a fully smogable v8 in my jeep that is more efficiant
than your standard gen2 small block this vehical will be a daily driver .in my reseach, i was told that the 4.6 had a 60 degree bolt pattern wich will bolt up to the trans i have in mind which would be alot easyer than having to change the hole drivetrain, Which i first had in mind with 5.3 L GEN 3 small block so i decided to do my home work, first thing that came up was the computer is it reprogamable? how hard is it, and who could do it. i looked on the net with no such luck , but i just may have been looking in the wrong place if anyone could help me out with any swap info or more importantly pcm or ecu info let me know it would help me sleep at night
Thanks paulie

05-19-05, 11:13 PM
If you do a search on north* conversion, North star conversion, MR2, Feiro or even DeLorean. you will find what you need lots of info and links to projects that were done.

05-20-05, 12:53 AM
The 4.6 northstar does have a 60 degree v6 bolt pattern. Bolting it to a 700r4? The OBDI (93-95?) PCMs are reprogrammable by EPROM, but nobody has hacked the code per se... So if you needed to adjust the fuel tables, you're out of luck... But if you wanted to just run the engine with a manual, then it would work if you disable the code where it checks for other computers' inputs.