View Full Version : Automatic Load Leveling System?

05-19-05, 12:17 PM
After bouncing around in my girlfriend's 1988 Cadillac hearse, I started driving and the "Auto Level" light came on, green, in the middle of the dash. Then the car started to level itsself automatically!!! What does this??? Can it be manipulated to go up and down when you want it to? I have to know.

05-19-05, 12:49 PM
Its a Caddy! It keeps the car level at all times (within reason).

It takes a few minutes delay before it starts to deflate or inflate the air shocks, to ensure the car is really leaning, but that it does!

Bounce away! Excellent when you have a lot of bodies in the back.... Most Cadillacs had it since the 60's. Maybe longer, not sure when it became standard feature.

You can tweak it to be always higher or lower than it is now by adjusting the screw on the level switch above the rear axle. A little goes a long way, tweak carefully. I think my 91 Devile (FWD) was 5 degrees for 1in of raise or lower.

If it stays on and does not turn off there is a problem and it needs to be fixed or it could burn out the compressor.

05-19-05, 02:49 PM
Woah, I need to adjust my front wheels a little higher than the back wheels then, to give my car that old school hotrod look.

How do you like that hearse? My friend wants me to come check out his '68 hearse and I'm thinking about buying it. $1800 for a clean body '68 seems like a good deal to me.

05-20-05, 12:23 AM
It's a pain in the butt to back up with, but it goes where you point it. it's such a long wheelbase that it requires a little practice making sharp turns, it's longer than a new Surburban! Haven't measured it against a Expedition yet though... $1800 for a clean body '68 with NO RUST or very little for that price is AMAZING! My girlie paid $2500 for hers. The headlight pattern on the '68 is top-bottom round lights and they look amazing. If you don't want it, I might. That's how seriously a good deal that is.... Hope ya get it, mabye we could petition for a Cadillac hearse message board heading! From there we will have a legion of hearses to do our bidding while we take over the world!!! HA! HA! HA! um... just kidding about the last part. Become a hearse owner. You deserve getting the respect and looks of owning a Ferrari with a slightly cheaper AMERICAN car... :D

05-20-05, 10:38 AM
Well, my current choices are the '68 Caddy hearse of a '52 Chevy Bel Air. I'm obviously going to go look at my buddy's '52 Bel Air first since 50's Bel Air's are hot, but if that doesn't work, I'm all over the '68 hearse.

I already get some good head turns with my '67 SS, but I bet the hearse'd get me different kind of looks, huh?

05-20-05, 02:55 PM
We had a small hassle at the insurance agency, they wanted to insure it as a commercial vehicle and charge us more money. It's gonna cost $287 to pay the property tax and get it licensed, so far it has been a headache after another trying to get it on the road, but it runs like a champ!