: i think im selling

05-19-05, 07:46 AM
:crying: well, this car has been a great car and has never let me down, but i think its time to let it go to someone who has more money and can fix the small problems it has, and afford the gas. still getting 10-12mpg. the car looks, drives, runs perfectly, but it is just costing way too much for gas now that i am driving more.

what do you guys think i should ask for it. i've got some pics that i hope i'll be able to load soon. it is pretty much exactly like DopeStar's car. same color, without the D'elegance. velour seats. option package c.

recently replaced things: gas tank, pcv valve, egr valve, distributor cap, coil, rotor, plugs, wires, air filter, o2 sensor, front brakes, fuel pump. probably more, but i cant remember them right now.

runs PERFECTLY and looks great with very little rust.

how much should i ask for it.


05-19-05, 11:03 AM
oh, btw 92,000 miles

05-19-05, 06:33 PM
around $2k?

05-19-05, 09:07 PM
Just to give you an idea, I paid $3500 for my '89 with 73,000 miles on it. It was the fully loaded base model, without the wire wheels...just the caps. Leather, of course, no rust at all. Near showroom condition. Everyone I've bumped into has said it was a good price. (Considering what I've had to put into it in work and now gasoline, I think it was a moderate deal.)

So $2,000 might be about right, especially if there's ANY rust.

What price were YOU thinking?

05-19-05, 10:19 PM
there is one dime sized spot of rust, and one quarter sized spot, other than that, it is clean