: New JD Power Survey

05-18-05, 10:27 PM
Looks like Cadillac finished 5th. Lexus was first, followed by Jaguar, BMW, and Buick.

"Along with Toyota, General Motors came out a winner in the latest Power study. It captured five categories, including best full-size car, with its Buick LeSabre. Meanwhile, Power declared GM's HUMMER brand the most improved over the 2004 survey. Last year, it had 173 pp100. This year, the problem count fell to 110. On the downside, Cadillac slipped in the 2005 IQS due to problems with recent new product launches."


05-19-05, 10:15 PM
And, NO ONE can criticize Jaguar anymore!!! They are really gaining on quality and have passed Cadillac now!

Jesda. :shhh:

"Jaguar, came in second among all brands, with an average 88 pp100, ahead of third place BMW, with 95 problems. GM's Buick and Cadillac brands rounded out the top five."

05-19-05, 11:57 PM
Nissan has had issues lately with initial quality, especially with new products. The Infiniti QX56 creaks and rattles like an old K-car. The bean counters in France try to cut costs, it fails them, and they end up spending more than the amount they tried to save to bring quality up to par. Apparently Nissan sent some guys from Japan to all of their US factories to keep an eye.

05-20-05, 04:00 AM
All these people say Buick can never be a Lexus fighter... well looks like Buick is only #4 so I'd say it's in reach.

05-20-05, 07:11 AM
Its amazing that a luxo convertible with high tech gadgets like a power folding hard top ranks number one!!

05-21-05, 05:16 AM