: Tranny ECU

05-18-05, 10:24 PM
Is the programming on the Caprice and Impala SS the same as the Fleetwood?

The only good spot, that works 90 percent of the time is cruising or going below 28 MPH, and then stepping on the gas, this shifts down and hauls ass down the road. :want:

Mostly everything between 30-50, you step on it, its locked in 4th gear, if shifting out of over drive it still is a dog some times, even using 2nd, its odd.

A 1999 Saturn Sw2(wagon) 4 banger, at any speed, you touch the gas pedal its shifting down, shifting up, its ready for a fight, but the Fleetwood, the tranny seems to be out to lunch.

05-19-05, 12:57 PM
My 94 V4P car (7000# tow package w/factory installed 3.42's) won't even touch 4th gear till 44 mph. Below that it shifts out unless you are in decel., then it shifts out around 35. Buy any application of gas and it goes to 3rd. You would think the 3.42's would trigger OD at a lower rpm, but not this one. Lockup comes around 37 mph.

There was a reflash of the ECM to kill off the 2nd start feature (starting from a dead stop in 2nd caused the trans to start in 2nd). My V4P does still have 2nd gear start still.

Can you edit the transmission shifting with LT1-Edit or other ECM editing tools?