: CE light in rush hour traffic

05-18-05, 07:10 PM
On the way home today sitting in rush hour traffic the CE light came on. The car was very sluggish, and when I gave it gas, it would hesitate, then go a little, then hesitate a little more, it was pretty uneven, but after we got accross the brige and got moving again, the light turned off. The vehicle was only running on 7 cylinders for a long time, so I think the cat, besides having 128 thousand miles on it and getting a lot of unused gas through it is finally clogged and overheated in traffic. Once we got going again, it probably cooled down. Can anyone think of anything else that might have caused this type of behavior? The CE light turned itself off once we got moving again, and yes, the vehicle is running on all 8 now. Thanks.


05-18-05, 07:40 PM
Fuel pump failing?

Mine would do that (91 Bonneville) when it was dying, as the fuel was warm and in traffic, getting warmer, the fuel pressure dropped and caused it to be sluggish. Once I filled up with a cool tank of fuel it was back to normal.

Check fuel pressure, and check the ignition coil, they both will cause those symptoms when getting hot....

05-19-05, 11:42 AM
Don't just guess at the code, find out what it is. '90 should still be OBDI - WalMart sells code readers for $20, or if you have a Chiltons manual, you can do the same thing by jumpering two connectors on the test connector.

I don't think there is a code for the cat. Maybe for something with the AIR pump malfunctioning though.
My only experience with a computer-controlled GM is a Chevy Blazer. With outs, the ERG vacuum controll solenoid will malfunction. Basically it sticks the EGR on at idle. It really idles like $@#& then! Stumbles, and doesn't want to take throttle when you want to move. The code comes and goes, I haven't gotten around to replacing that dang solenoid yet.

05-29-05, 11:40 PM
Hmmm, I've seen those GM code readers at Fleet Farm, do they actually work as well as a scanner? Using a paper clip works fine, if I'd ever remember to get out there and do it! Thanks for the help guys.


05-30-05, 10:25 AM
You should be able to read the codes using the OBD through the climate control unit. I think it's somthing like hold down the off and the warmer button to enter the diags. Once you know what the codes are you'll be in pretty good shape.

In answer to the question about reader, an inexpesive code reader will read the codes and display them to you. A real full all out scan tool will provide much more information. If you have the money to spend and your going to keep the car or you have other OBD-I cars you may want to invest in an scanner. I would recommend the Autoxray EZ-Read 2000. It reads both OBD-I and OBD-II. I think you can buy these new for about $150