: Corporate participation in Internet Forums

05-17-05, 07:09 PM
I'm working on a paper for an MBA class, wondering if anyone might be able to help me.

Has anyone participated in any internet forums, such as this one, where they got direct feedback from the company in question. For instance, has anyone ever seen anyone from Cadillac or GM post on this website in an official capacity ie identified themselves as a Cadillac employee? How about on other car forums? Someone told me once that Audi engineers post on one of their forums - anyone have experience with anything like that?

How about other products - seen anything there? For example, I know that Tivo has somebody that posts on TivoCommunity*com in what appears to be an official capactity - have you seen others?

Finally, as a consumer, what's your thoughts about having corporate participation in internet forums - is that something that would encourage you to buy their products, or wouldn't it matter.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and reply. Thanks.

05-17-05, 09:13 PM
I think that bbobynski was an engineer for the Northstar. At least he knows enough about them to have been one:halo:

05-20-05, 12:06 AM
Have you checked a couple of topics lower here? Open letters to Cadillac Corporate should have some interaction with GM involved.

05-24-05, 07:52 AM
VWVortex gets lots of money from VW. Miata.net gets a lot of money from Mazda.

The idea is to spread enthusiasm, increase brand loyalty, and have professionally organized owners club meets that turn into HUGE events. The Miata people really go nuts.

The biggest business impact is increased owner loyalty, which results in repeat buying. Otherwise, forums survive quite well without corporate interaction.