: Brougham 89 Driver door panel removal

05-16-05, 10:02 PM
On a 89 Brougham D'Elegance.

How do we remove the inside door panel lining ?

I have to replace the wires of the driver's door since some are broken, one of the seat adjustment in not working and the door lock is intermittent.

I was able to remove the chromed handle backing.
A few screws from the trims, but the control board with the switch for the windows and the doors still don't want to come out ????


DopeStar 156
05-16-05, 10:24 PM
I need to know this too, I gotta try and find the switch for the illuminated entry.

05-17-05, 12:01 AM
I find this one, it's on the inside of the handle knob.
The light come from the interior door light through an optic fibre.

I just want to strip my door without breaking anything!!!

How do we remove the panel???????????????????

DopeStar 156
05-17-05, 12:33 AM
Hang on, I'm gonna check my shop manual that I just remembered I had. LOL!

05-17-05, 09:39 PM
Lift up the grab handle, one #4 Phillips screw each side.
Remove arm rest controls with a paint scraper between the panel and the controls...push down to release clip...one each end...controls then lift UP.
#2 Phillips..one each each end...secure panel to door sheetmetal

I think that is it?


DopeStar 156
05-17-05, 10:24 PM
Doing that won't f-up the internal door release mechanism? A buncha crap won't fall out the door? You'd be taking the door handle directly off the door.