: 2000 STS Spark Plug Thread Repair

05-16-05, 07:19 PM
Guys, You have been a world of help to me. I bought this 00 Seville with 118k almost a year ago and have avoided going to the dealer and saved some SERIOUS cash along the way. I can turn a wrench but don't have a lot of expierence knowing how to go about fixing things.

New problem just showed up---:banghead: The rear head, far right spark plug had stripped threads in the head and won't stay locked. I have found Helicoils and Time serts and another product from KD Tools. Is there any differences in these products with the northstar? My fathere has the KD tools set and the insert costs like $4 and I would like to use that, if there isn't any difference. Any suggestions for me? I appreciate it. Thanks.


05-17-05, 01:25 PM
Aircraft spark plugs are screwed into special stainless steel HeliCoils with a serrated section for locking them into place so they won't come out at the next plug change. These come in a variety of sizes and lengths. Be wary of the normal automotive or motorcycle repair. They can be trouble down the road. The insert absolutely must be of the correct length. If it's too short the plug sticks through and the exposed threads get fouled with carbon. When the plug is removed with the fouled threads it rips the whole repair. If the insert is too long it acts like a hot spot and the resulting preignition can ruin the engine. This is an easy repair for the expert and an easy job for a klutz to screw up with a disaster to follow. Go to www.emhart-vic.com (http://www.emhart-vic.com) and poke around through their online electronic catalog. You'll find all the information you need.