: 1968 DeVille hard steering

05-16-05, 11:37 AM
I just got my 1968 DeVille convertivle back from the rebuildrs and the steering is incredibly stiff, poor assist at all speeds!

It also "gurgles" in low speed cornering, I drove it around the parking lot with the missus last night, gurgling at every corner, but fluid level is not low and no foam appeared to be if the pump resivoir.

New pump, new gearbox, column mounting all redone, but steering is no better than before, might even be stiffer!

Any ideas?

Also, the car coolant temp incrases in slow traffic, gets way up there in stopped traffic. 1968s were the last ones with a temp gauge, (discontinued in 1969). It's supposed to stay at 1/4 the way over, and maintains that at normal speed - 30mph and higher. but stop the car and it starts moving up to 1/2 or even 3/4 in no time Didn't boil over though thanks to a 1969 era overflow bottle cleverly installed along fenderwell.

New fan clutch, new radiator (I think it's too small, my old one was supposed to be re-cored, but they still haven't done it!), total engine overhaul so there should,be no sludge, scale in the system. Climate control works fine, can trigger heat in the early in the morning if I set it to 85.

What do you think, is the "new" radiator too small, but then why would the temp go back down when I get up to speed for a while????:banghead:

I'm going to have my original radiator re-installed after it's recored and see if that goes away. If not, what, is the new fan clutch to blame???? I can get a 1970 era no clutch fan in its place if you all think that is better.

Thanks in advance.

05-16-05, 02:11 PM
Even though the fan clutch is new did you check to see it works make sure its not slipping. Other then that maybe it is the radiator being too small the fan maynot be able to pull enough air across the smaller area to keep cool. If it is much smaller that would be my first guess. You should be able to find a new replacement radiator for less then $100.

For the power steering make sure the belt is on tight and not slipping. Other then that it sounds like you got a bad new pump.

05-16-05, 03:34 PM
I'm having my "original" radiator (where this did not happen) recored and re-installed. I'm hoping that will cure the problem. Fan clutch maybe that's the problem, the old one was so worn that i don't think it could ever slip. Perhaps a fixed blase fan like 1070 would do the trick, but I should have the radiator on hand, whereas the fan would take a week to get in.

I would have to have 2 bad PS pumps in a row for the steering issue, not impossible, but unlikely. I still have the old pump, which might not be bad after all, I'll get with the mech folks on this one.

Belts are not slipping, AC would be screaming if that were the case.

we'll' see.