: thinking about getting a roadie

05-16-05, 11:19 AM
well, today after school i am going to drive into town and check out a 1995 buick roadmaster wagon. 70,000 miles, lt1 :burn: , leather, florida car.

not sure on the price, and i need to go with a low offer because it has problems. from what i could see on the exterior, it needs new wiper arms because they were snapped off. and it will need a new front light, fender, and possibly a hood. altough the hood has just a small roll on the edge above the light, so that wont bother me. some of the trim is also messed up. other than that, the interior is mint, and everything else is nice.

to any of you who have had these/purchased these before, what do you think i should offer. i'll give you more details after i check it out tonight.