: Looking beyond Lutz?

05-16-05, 09:47 AM
General Motors says it's just moving the right people into the right places.

But recent personnel moves are changing the responsibilities of GM Vice Chairman Robert Lutz, 73 -- fueling speculation that GM is starting to prepare for a post-Lutz GM.

Until last week, GM's global vehicle line executives reported to Lutz on matters of design, manufacturing and future products. Now they report to Jon Lauckner, 47, who was named vice president of global program management, a new position. Lauckner, who had been in charge of mid-sized platforms, reports to Lutz.

And a month ago Lutz was freed of his duties as chairman of North America to focus exclusively on global product development.

So is GM getting ready for the day when Lutz hangs it up?

A GM spokesman says the move allows Lutz to focus exclusively on big-picture global development and is simply the "latest piece in GM's global puzzle."

When Lutz came out of retirement in September 2001, he signed a three-year contract. When that expired last fall he switched to a renewable one-year deal. (http://www.autonews.com/article.cms?articleId=53073)

05-16-05, 03:04 PM
I should hope they are looking at options of a Post Lutz GM! I mean, come on! The man is 73 years old, he is closer to permanent retirement than many in the work force today. They'd better have a plan for his replacement. The man certainly has the right to work as long as he likes and as long as he is wanted, but he isn't going to live forever.