View Full Version : Chevy gives GM Europe a boost

05-16-05, 09:45 AM
General Motors Europe knew that it was right to rebadge Daewoo cars Chevrolets in greater Europe, but didn’t expect the name change to be so beneficial so fast, GM Europe President Carl-Peter Forster told the Automotive News Europe Congress. (http://europe.autonews.com/article.cms?articleId=55906)

Chevrolet’s first-quarter sales surged 33.6 percent to more than 57,000 units compared with the same period last year in greater Europe, which includes Russia and Turkey.


Forster said an additional benefit of the name change has been that the Opel/Vauxhall brands are able to charge a “considerable premium” over Chevrolet vehicles. He declined to be more specific.

“We are relieved to have Chevrolet so Opel doesn’t have to go for low-cost,” said Forster.[/quote]