: Cranks 5-10 seconds now, what's up?

05-15-05, 08:52 PM
OK guys, I'm stumped. My '96 SLS has been hard to start lately. It cranks maybe 5-8 seconds before stumbling to a start. This happens about 75% of the time. The rest of the time, it starts instantly like usual. I've checked the FPR and there are no signs of anything coming from it. The plugs and wires were replaced with AC-Delco parts approximately 3000 miles ago, cleaned the TB at the same time, and the stainless fuel rail was installed about 1000 miles after that. There are no codes. It idles perfectly and runs perfectly at all engine speeds and loads, both in town and on the highway. No missing, hesitation, anything. Once it's running, it runs strong like it always has. The only symptom I know of is the crank times. I have not yet checked fuel pressure, mostly because I don't have a gauge yet. Think I ought to make that purchase? The fuel filter was changed about 10,000 miles ago. It's at 95k now. Not sure where to turn for diagnosis or whether or not this might be the start of another problem. Any thoughts? I appreciate any feedback you can offer... Thanks in advance!