: 96 STS N* squeaky pulley!?!?

05-15-05, 06:48 PM
im looking at buying a 96 sts with a 122k. only thing im nervous about is the engine makes a squeaking noise while idling. havent had a chance to drive it. but the owner said the noise was coming from the pulley. is this squeaking noise bad? or sign of bad things to come? or just ok? thanks

05-15-05, 08:38 PM
Might be a worn belt, out of line pully or a bad pully bearing. Probably nothing too serious.

05-16-05, 01:49 AM
My 97 Deville makes a squealing noise also (not all of the time) but mine is coming from the A/C compressor. I plan to replace it when I take the engine out for head gaskets. Good luck with yours.