View Full Version : 98 Catera System Hookup Accessories..?

05-15-05, 12:27 PM
i guess thats what this would be called...

ok basically.. i want my system in my 98 Catera.. i DO have the bose system which could cause some problems, seeing how i like my bose sound i just want more bass.

i want to keep my stock headunit, so as i've heard i need an RCA Adapter or something of the sort to be able to hook the aftermarket amp into the stock headunit. im very good with this stuff and i'd rather skip the professional installation seeing how they probably would charge me a fortune for labor.

BUT i am having a hard time trying to locate this part on the net.. anyone have any books or anything to help me out with a part to do this with? even any help with trying to locate this part on the net would be nice..