: 1988 Cadillac hearse... AutoZone regognizes it as a Brougham, partwise

05-15-05, 01:33 AM
HI! I am new to the board and I am waiting to acquire a 1988 Cadillac hearse and I was wondering if this would be the appropriate topic to post under because parts shops recognize the car, partswise, as a Fleetwood Brougham.
Just curious,

05-15-05, 01:38 AM
yep, this is the place to post.
The hearse is most likely built on the Brougham chassis with a slightly altered body. You'll probably have a few strange accessories that other guys don't, but the basics are all the same.

05-15-05, 07:18 AM
Yep, it's pretty much just a Brougham.

05-17-05, 05:07 AM
just for info for everyone, the car is gonna be my fiance's car and I want to know a few ideas and tricks I can do to it to make it faster.... I do NOT have a fortune to spend on the car and would like to know a few CHEAP tricks to add power. I saw an ad for a "Vortex Generator" that goes inline in the air intake and "forces more air" into the intake; thus, supposedly, adding much needed hp. Has anyone tried one of these doo-hickeys on their 307 5.0 engine? The incoming car has undergone a re-paint of the roof and should be here either late today or tomorrow sometime... For everyone's info, we bought the car from www.cwcoach.com (http://www.cwcoach.com) and they recieved the money on the 7th of this month. They re-dyed the top, realized that the re-dye work was shitty (in their own words), and they were having the roof repainted so it would look like the picture they had posted on their website. Honesty is appreciated but it would be very nice to have a car that has been paid in full for a week and a half... It's coming from Cinncinnati to Texarkana.

05-17-05, 01:05 PM
They do nothing more than waste $$. Save it for real mods like heads, cam, exhaust, or best, a 350 or 403. Even better is a 455. They do nothing, and even less through a carb. The theory is not sound, the carb will straigten anything else out to get through the venturii and the throttle plates.

The only way to "force more air" is a supercharger or turbocharger. Or ram air (helpful, but best at 100+ mph....)

05-17-05, 03:10 PM
Yes it is a Brougham. An option you'll want to watch for when buying parts is the commercial chassis. The regular production cars are on the standard chassis whereas limos and hearses are on the commercial chassis.

05-17-05, 07:55 PM
I had to ask because I didn't see a catagory for commercial Caddies, so I didn't want to step on any toes or anything.