: coupe deville blower

05-14-05, 03:53 PM
okay this past winter my blower motor quit turning on. i know the motor is still good becasue i jumped the motor to 12V and it worked fine. i was told that either a relay or the control panel in the dash is the culprit. i am leaning more towards the relay since right before the blower quit it would intermittently not work. plus when i move the selector on the control panel diffrent vents will still open and if i move the temp wheel and am on the highway it changes from cold or hot air. my question is where is the blower motor relay located at. i posted one time before about this issue and i was told that is was behind the glove box. well i took the box out today and all that was back there was a bunch of vacume linse for the climate control and a few connectors that didn't really resemble a relay. i couldn't find anything back there that looks much like a relay.

any input would be greatly appreciated, pictures would be awsome but if anyone could give any help that would be great

05-16-05, 09:36 AM