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05-14-05, 01:07 AM
Is there a schraeder valve on the fuel rail for checking the pressure?

As often as I've had the cover off and I haven't even looked. I have a fuel pressure guage that I use to tune my Vette. Seems that would be a better way of checking the performance of the FPR than just pulling the vacuum line and looking for leaking fuel. :wave:

05-14-05, 01:27 AM

Let me know what you find about this - since my fuel rail recall to ss I've had a sluggish low end response off the line. I've changed all related parts and cleaned the rest with no luck finding the problem... maybe I should've gotten the old plastic fuel rail back from scrap and put it back on? LOL

05-14-05, 12:52 PM
Yes, there is a schreader valve on the rear of the left bank rail. and is the only way to check for fuel pressure or a bad pump. Checking for a bad FPR is best done by just pulling the vacuum hose and looking for a leak. If the diaphram is ruptured, fuel will be present at the nipple. If not, it is probably working just fine.