View Full Version : Pair of CTS/CTS-V tail lights (driver and passenger) blacked out (painted) 2004-2007

11-11-13, 09:55 PM
Thanks to another board member I was able to purchase a set of stock tail lights for my V. I believe with a few clicks you can find my other posts where the Florida Highway Patrol loved to pull me over for my blacked out lights. I purchased the car this way from a friend in GA who said they never had an issue. I drive a lot on the FL Turnpike and have been hit at different parts so maybe it is a sunshine state thing. These are in excellent shape but please be advised they are painted (not tinted). They also do not come with the bulbs although those are pretty inexpensive. I will sell to another board member for $200 bucks including insurance and shipping. That is exactly what I paid for the other set I just bought.

Included are some pictures of the lights alone and how they looked on my car. They are pretty dark in overcast days but in direct light you can still see the "red" and the brake lights and turn signals are very visible even in direct sun. There are no dings, scratches, or chips anywhere.

Paypal unless you live near Orlando, FL. Must receive and confirm verification of funds prior to shipping. The guy I bought them from did an amazing job packaging them and I saved all his stuff so they will travel well if you are out of the area.

Additional pictures available on request

Thanks for looking