: throttle body and egr tubes

05-13-05, 06:50 PM
how do i clean my throttle body and my egr tubes on my 98 deville. and where is the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter, can i do this all my self.?

05-13-05, 08:48 PM
Remove the intake ducting. Remove the MAF sensor. Block the throttle plate open. use some TB or carb cleaner, then spray scrub and wipe the bore and throttle plate til clean.

The are no EGR "tubes" per se like the 4.9. You just remove the EGR valve and clean the pintle valve through the opening in the casting til it moves freely and does not stick in the open or closed postion. Do not hold the valve upside down. You do not want carb cleaner to run into the can as it will remove the insulating varnish on the windings and destroy it.

FPR is a small canister on the fuel rail with a vacuum hose off the top of it. It is near the EGR valve.

Not exactly sure where the filter is. Haven't touched mine yet at 100K.

05-15-05, 09:22 PM
The fuel filter is back near the left (driver's side) rear wheel, just downstream of the gas tank itself, if I remember correctly. I had a Jiffy Lube place replace the one in my 99 Deville at about 50K miles. I watched the guy do it, it seemed like about a 5 minute job.