: FBI Special Tast Force Intelligence Report says...

02-12-03, 07:36 PM
I have a few connections. Nothing huge or anything - and this may be wrong. Only God knows whether my connections are good. But, this is the information I've received:

The latest threat is looking like a biological attack on the eastern seaboard any day now.

If it doesn't happen, then this means one of a few different scenarios..

1. It was prevented
a. Terrorists cancelled
b. We stopped it

2. My sources were incorrect...

Let's hope #2 is the case.. I'd rather that...

02-12-03, 07:38 PM
whatever hapened with that truck they stopped today at some bridge "white something" i never heard if it was anything

02-12-03, 07:40 PM
Not that this helps, but more likely chemical...your current weather is not conducive to a bio attack...bacteria dont like cold

Dead Sled
02-12-03, 08:21 PM
the military has been doing much in the training with NBC (nuculear, biological, chemical) We already know it going to be a war with chem. thats now something Im not going to enjoy over there. and its not cold over there where these weopens will most likely be used

02-12-03, 08:25 PM
Dead, have you been called up yet

Dead Sled
02-12-03, 08:26 PM
will be shortly

02-12-03, 08:28 PM
well good luck and if they ever let you online keep us posted

02-12-03, 08:35 PM
Yes, please do. What division are you in?

Dead Sled
02-12-03, 08:39 PM
2133rd Trans. Co. Iowa Army National Guard.
Used to be Detachment 1 of the 2168th Trans. untill the involuntary transfer by the Adjunct General

now the Detachment has only 13 people :D all the broken ones and the cooks and mechanics that havent been alerted yet

thank you for your support. :cool:

02-12-03, 11:59 PM
Man. That's gonna suck to see you go. Any chance you don't get called? I know you've got a job to do, but.. You know...

02-13-03, 08:51 PM
well if you do get called up, and you do go over to iraq, GO KICK SOME CAMEL ASS!!!!!

Dead Sled
02-13-03, 09:31 PM
there is a chance that I won't go over, But if worst comes to worst I'll gladly do it.

02-13-03, 09:42 PM
Well that would be good if you didnt have to go over.

Dead Sled
02-13-03, 09:49 PM
yeah it would

I'd miss this place :D

I have too much I don't want to leave behind

02-13-03, 09:51 PM
and the fact that you dont want to get KILLED

Dead Sled
02-13-03, 09:55 PM
yeah I guess that too :D