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05-12-05, 12:09 AM
Hello, I have a 68 convertable Deville and it has had the frame rewelded do to rust. The car is great other then the frame. Does anyone know if the frame is the same (boxed) on a non-convertable??

And does anyone have any leads on a car to take the frame from.

Thanks for any and all help.

05-12-05, 11:59 PM
No-One out there knows if I can use a reg. Deville as a replacement frame??? Come on....

Mine has been rewelded as I said and looks good on the outside, but I had it up on the lift and you could see it flex... to the point where body panels looked WAY off.

I was hoping I could find a coupe and use it's frame instead of paying extra for the convertable..... I thought the cars where sooooo heavy to begin with they may all be "boxed"

Thanks for any and all help

05-13-05, 12:32 AM
Historically GM always had a gusseted or otherwise beefed up frame for the convertables. Will it interchange? Likely yes. But it will likely be flimsy in comparisson.

I would look at them side by side when the body is off the frame and document them well.

Talk to a car restoring company. I just saw one at a swap meet and the convertible frame on the 58 Impala Conv they were restoring had bar stock welded to the tops of the frame over the axles and coming up to the axles.

Can a non conv be made into a conv, likely yes.

I would look for every place that can be gussetted, braced or stiffened in the tortional motion (twist) to keep it as stiff as possible. Box the frame where possible.

05-13-05, 12:44 AM
Well thanks for hitting up the post. I don't have access to looking at both. I know what mine looks like (conv.) but don't have a coupe to view. I understand the deal with "most" car's but was just praying because the car was so big to begin with they might have used the same.

Does anyone know for sure????? Just trying to save a trip to some guy's house to view his junker he's trying to sell, only to find out it's not much better then what I have.

Any help is great all the same.


05-13-05, 12:47 AM
I can tell you its boxed. Can I tell you it will match? Not with 100% certainty. But if its stronger than your current frame, then it would be a wise investment, even if some modification/reinforcement is needed.

05-13-05, 06:51 AM
Good point... Mine is flexing as I said when on a lift. It's been rewelded in so many places that I'm not sure the condition.

05-13-05, 05:23 PM
Flex is par for the course with these topless cars.
My 66 Eldo convertible flexed on the lift - to the point that if I left it running the idle would raise because the linkage would pull on the throttle.
My car had no frame rust/damage or welding work done to it, but all the body gaps did weird things on the lift. If you were 20 feet long and weighed 5000 pounds, you'd flex too... :)

If I remember the manual correctly, the hardtops and convertibles shared the same frame, but used different (or more) attaching mounts.

05-14-05, 07:03 AM
Thanks... makes me feel alittle better. I've looked over the welding and it was a really good job and looked safe, who ever did it took there time. The flex was what scared me. You can notice it in the body panels lining up. At the bottom of where the fender and door meet is say less then 1/8th of an in. and at the top is maybe closer to an inch.

I'll keep my eye open for a frame, but will feel alittle better to know that they all flex alittle.

Have a great weekend

05-14-05, 09:46 AM
I just bought a rust free replacement rolling chassis for my 1981 Trans Am for $1200 from Desert Valley Auto Parts in Pheonix, AZ.

They do have an impressive selection for the older American cars in particular.
http://www.dvap.com (http://www.dvap.com/)