View Full Version : Help with codes for the Concourse

Rob Benham
05-11-05, 11:27 PM

I had a last look at the DeVille Concourse that I hope to be buying tomorrow, but by pressing the no and scroll buttons for a couple of seconds, I was able to get into the things like make it honk when you lock the doors (#$%$#% anoying idea ) dip the mirrors in reverse etc, but just getting codes remained a mystery. I tried random other buttons to no avail.

I really want to pull any codes before the end of Thursday if you can help. RB

05-12-05, 12:59 PM
OFF and WARMER on digital dash cars, otherwise OFF and passenger-side WARMER.

Rob Benham
05-12-05, 10:19 PM
Spot on thanks.

It was a 99, so the latter was the case. Quite separate from the other menu system entered by the 'No' + display scroll.