: engine removal and install procedures

10-22-03, 09:21 PM
Anyone know were to find good instructions on engine removal and installation procedures for a 97 deville concours. Alldata's info isn't very good. Chiltons is a little better. I plan on pulling the motor from the top.

Any tips and advice is greatly apreciated.

10-22-03, 09:51 PM
Removing it from the bottom is MUCH easier, since you can undo the engine/tranny in one piece.....

For jobs like this, a factory service manual is the only way to go..... Get one at www.helminc.com

10-23-03, 01:21 AM
We just dropped the engine out of a 93 Seville STS. It took two of us about a day and a half. Much easier with two people and/or a lift.
The hardest part was disconnecting all the wiring. We have a 98 Seville manual which makes it sound like the wiring was redone somewhere in between to make it easier.
Look at your wiring harnesses and see if you can unplug the engine from the harness that goes through the firewall.That is the computer cabling. The plate at the firewall itself is not a connector, it seals the firewall. Even with discoing that it wasn't that hard, just tedious.
We stacked pieces of 4x4 wood under the cradle to hold it up (you could use jack stands but we wanted it as low as possible).
You disconnect everything, we were able to hang the ABS and the calipers from the body so we didn't have to open the brakes, set the cradle down and raise the body. We cut a 4x4 a little wider than the radiator support and used a tow strap wrapped around that to lift. An engine hoist got us enough height.
Once the body cleared we used a floor jack front and rear to roll the powertrain out.

10-23-03, 11:44 AM
Couple more things.
We did get the engine/powertrain service manual.
We disconnected the A/C lines from the compressor and left it on the engine. I have A/C tools and R134 available. It may be possible to leave it connected...we didn't even consider that because we wanted the radiator/condensor assembly out to make it easier to work on.

10-24-03, 08:33 PM
thanks for the tips. I started the project this evening and hope to have it out by tomorrow afternoon. wiring is a *****. everything else seems fairly straight forward. Steering disconnect is also giving me fits. Thanks for the help.

10-24-03, 11:40 PM
I got under the car and held the boot up while my brother removed the bolt. As we dropped the cradle they seperated. I am worried about getting that back together.
The computer harness was easier than it looks. Pulled the computer to disconnect the wiring and pulled them out through the firewall. We realized some of it could have been left connected to the cradle.