: fuel data center install

05-10-05, 10:47 AM
has anyone ever put one of these into a brougham with a 307 or know if it would even work/is possible

thanks for any input

DopeStar 156
05-10-05, 01:27 PM
I wanted to do this too, but apparently it only works with the HT4100 and the V8-6-4. I think the car has to be FI and not carbed for this to work.

05-10-05, 06:33 PM
dang, that would be so cool if you could make it work.

well, how bout this, has anyone ever converted a 307 to fuel injection. i think one of my friends is working on it but i'm not sure if he ever got anywhere

05-10-05, 07:16 PM
My 1982 Olds intake manifold swiped from a station wagon in a junkyard for $15 had some casting marks like EFI was a thought at one point. No bosses cast, just the position for them to be. Only seen when looking up the port. It was at the top side of each intake port. Perfect place to start drilling.... I sold the car, the car is up for sale by the current owner. It has a Olds 350 now, which would be ideal for a D Body Cad with a 307... It looks idential to a 307, as that was my intention. Bet you can get the car for a song now.

I think it would be relatively easy. Snag the ECM (747) off of a TBI pickup with a 305 or 350 and go from there for TBI. For EFI you need to either create your own FI bosses in the intake and make some custom rails, or suck it up and pay the $$$$ to Rance EFI, http://www.my-gmc.com/ranceefi.htm for pictures, or http://www.rancefi.com/ to see the site. And then get a TPI or LT1 ECM and wire it yourself. A 305 TPI would be a close match.

Also, if you want FDC, get a 4.5L/4.9L PFI ECM. Then it is all Cadillac controlled. It should work well, but isn't a task for the lighthearted. You will also need to drop the fuel tank and install a high pressure fuel pump (GN Regal would be a likely compatible pump) or one from a new B/D car with and LT1. TBI's are low pressure (like 10 psi ish)

05-10-05, 10:21 PM
hmm, sounds like something i wont get into till i get a bit more money, although its really something i want to do. we'll just have to see how it plays out, how much the parts will cost and so on