: Aftermarket door lock/alarm??

05-10-05, 09:03 AM
I posted this in the general section with no response so I will see if anyone here knows the answer.

My factory remote door lock system has became inop and even after obtaining a new control module from the salvage yard it will not program. I am thinking of buying an aftermarket system and was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult it is to tie into the vehicle's wiring to activate the door locks, trunk release and dome lights? Is it possible to axcess the wiring I need at the old factory module? It seems to me all the relays should be in place allready so it should be simple to hook into the factory wiring at the old module, just my guess, anyone have any ideas?:hmm:

05-10-05, 03:44 PM
I'm in the process of doing it right now. It's sort of a bitch. My friend who is a mechanic spent a whole day just mounting stuff and feeding wires. We havent done that yet but I can tell you all the relays are in the trunk on my car. You need a factory service manual. It can be done but must be done carefully. Its been a nightmare so far but alarms period are a nightmare. I guess because I'm not a patient person and I dont have much cash. You can do it though. Also the wires on the harness provided with the alarm are not long enough to reach the trunk so I had to go to the hardware store and buy 9 legnths 12 feet of 14ga wire and e-tape them togeather nice and tight then feed them along the drivers side to the trunk. All you need to do is pulse the same circut that the factory alarm uses for each button. Should make some more progress Thursday so I will keep you posted.

05-10-05, 08:41 PM
Ok thanks, I tried to install mine today but after several hours of tracing wires and realizing that Cadillac wiring is not like any other car I have decided to install it on my truck and order the correct parts to repair my factory setup. The aftermarket would have been a lot easier if my factory system still worked so I could use the same impulses but my reciever is bad and they put a lot of reverse polarity relays and such in the factory module that the viper system does not have so rather than butcher my car I am going to the dreaded dealer tommorow and see if I can't order a new reciever for it.

05-16-05, 03:17 PM
Man,it's a pain in the ass. Were having a nightmare doing this right now. Its been 3 weeks on the subject now. Now my drivers door won't lock.. I'd just have the pros do it. I don't care how my friend does it now. I'd actually prefer the less simple way. It's too freakin complicated. :cookoo:

05-22-05, 12:21 PM
with alarms and wiring as important as door locks... i would DEFINATELY suggest letting a professional like myself or others in the industry take care of it.

and Rob, i would suggest finding the wires you E-taped and sodering them together then retaping them.

the number one cause of a faulty aftermarket alarm, remote start, or keyless entry is a poorly installed unit.

many stereo shops out there can put aftermarket keyless, alarm, and remote start systems onto your car for you and itll only take a few hours (for a trained professional).

good luck with your Pdoor locks.
they are a + polarity wire.. which makes it a little more complicated than just hooking up the lock and unlock wires to them.. you will have to wire them up as a 5wire system or something similar. pretty complicated if you never done it before.