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05-09-05, 11:10 PM
I wanted to update the head unit without doing the speakers. The Bose Gold system sounded O.K., the radio was the only thing that still worked, the CD and tape were toast. After a ton of research on 2 DIN units, I ended up with a Pioneer FH-P4200MP head unit. Sleek but not overwhelming. Doesn't light up like the Vegas strip when playing and my Pioneer experiences goes back into the mid 70's. The PAC interface worked flwlessly and plugged right in to the tuner box connector in the trunk. I just had to run a length of 12 conductor cable and a new antenna cable from the head unit to the trunk. Power antenna works great and the stay alive playing of the radio still works too after the key is turned off. Very straight forward and took about 3 beers.....I mean 3 hours tops. Sounds great and improved the way the Bose speakers sound too. I'm glad I went this way for sure.

05-09-05, 11:46 PM
im glad you had such good luck. you are actually the first i know of to use one of those huge pioneer decks. changing stereo equipment can be a lot of fun i think...but on the contrary it can get tedious. i guess thats why man created alcohol?

05-09-05, 11:46 PM
Looks great!! If I wanted to go aftermarket for my Fleetwood, something like that would DEFINATELY be at the top of the list!

Hope it continues to work well :thumbsup:

05-10-05, 08:15 AM
That looks awesome. I should be putting in a single DIN in a week or so, I will put up some pics, I have the exact same interior, I may do the woodgrain while at it.

1 question: Is the PAC a pre-amp for the BOSE system? If not, what is it?

05-10-05, 08:24 AM
The PAC unit takes the high wattage output of the head unit and steps it down to a low input for the Bose amps. The original Delco unit just shoots low output to the radio interface box and then low output to the Bose amp circuit. There are "pots" to tweak the quality on the PAC unit. I didn't even have to mess with them.

05-10-05, 08:47 AM
Excellent so those of us who have the sled delco unit do not have to worry about it on an aftermarket install! Thanks for the info!

05-10-05, 11:11 AM
Nice job, Chairman. Oh, and I like your head unit choice.

03-06-06, 06:47 PM
I just got off the the phone with Pac interface and was told that their adapters are designed to only work with Bose audio systems. My 1996 Deville has the base line audio system so their adapter is no help. Does any one know who sells adapters that work with the 1996 Deville without out Bose or active audio?

03-09-06, 09:06 PM
Hmm, is this supposed to fit a double din?? I thought the stock radio was din and a half.

What trim or mods did you have to do to make that work and look that good in there??

03-09-06, 09:52 PM
Nope, the stock is a double DIN. Where did you get the PAC interface? My CD is going kaput, so I am going to need to know.

03-09-06, 10:42 PM
Hmm, is this the same on my 94 eldo, ive seen numerous posts about being 1.5 din

Well inst that just pertty, hes got a seville and vette the same color!!!

03-10-06, 01:41 PM
Yeah, the Eldorado is a double DIN too.

03-18-06, 02:30 PM
Ok well, what double din kit are u guys using. All cadillac kits are din and a half.

I plan on putting a dvd play (din size) uner a screen also (din size) but for now it will just be the player so there would be nothing above it, well a cubby i suppose. BUt i cant find any install kits that will allow this, all caddy kits are din and a half.....

03-18-06, 09:12 PM
idk what your talking about the cadillacs are double din

03-18-06, 09:34 PM
ok, well all the caddy kits are din and a half, please show me one thats double din with spots for two single din components. Everyone is talking but not coming up with anything......

03-19-06, 07:41 AM
are you BLIND!!! LOOK AT THE DAMN PICS FOR THE INSTALL UP TOP YOU IDIOT!!! Here just incase you really are blind click this link http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=9652&d=1115693809

03-19-06, 10:04 AM
Your still talking?? I have seen the double din in that dash, yes...

Im asking how.... You must be illiterate....

03-19-06, 04:45 PM
look at the install you ass obviously YOUR BLIND it bolts in you ass hole you dont need a fit kit for a damn direct fit you bolt it in put your trim peice around the hu and your done!!!

03-19-06, 08:56 PM
well now that just makes alot of sense, all i have here is a single din sleeve and how am i supposed to "bolt" it in??

nothing but intelligence here....

03-19-06, 09:54 PM
well then you my friend are fu**ed and rather than come up with some intelegent solution to the problem youd rather bitch about how you cant do it. all aftermarket hus ive ever seen have come with a metal sleeve to install them and even so i know for a fact all aftermarket hus have some slits or holes on the side of it you could (now i know this may involve some work so maybe this isnt for you) fab using some thing gage metal to fab up some brackets but as i said this might be too much for you so why dont you stick to hot glue gun and some ducT tape, hell why not pull out the concret while you add it and cement it in then no one could even think of stealing it.

03-20-06, 08:18 AM
Thats finally answers my question, i need a custom braket....

I will plan on using steel and accomadating it to the sleeve as if i used and bolts or screws the unit wont slide into the sleeve anymore as there is zero clearance.

If i have to i will weld the damn thing. Now i just need to find a din size cubby till i get my lcd screen to go above the unit. U could have just said this in the first place instead of acting like a retard.

The pics ive seen i thought there was some double din kit and was hoping i could get a cubby until i get my screen, but i will just fab that up too while im at it with a sheetmetal break. I just thought there was an easier way, thats why i ask questions on this forum, every little thing helps, kinda like my water pump that wouldnt come out until i got my 1000ft lb ingersol out.

03-20-06, 11:48 AM
i have a 97 ETC it has the curved head unit and it attached to the ac controls and the dic controls so i couldnt install a dbl din hu it would look stupid so i got a metra fit kit and a sinlge din alpine i have no experiance what so ever about installing it on your older interior i know its possible ive seen it many times