: Coolant Level marker for MAGNACHARGER! (about that lil black cap on intercooler)

05-09-05, 08:13 PM
Hey Maggie brothers, Little help, or check yours please. ;)

I was changing out fuel lines and other hoses with stainless braided flex lines, average show stuff for under hood..

Anyway, I opened the little black knob marked COOLANT on the magnacharger intercooler, also marked (dont open hot!) & some other mumbo jumbo... anyway, i see no fluids in that threaded metal stem, its about 3 inches tall, sits straight up, has two hoses running to it, facing (belly to fan) r. side hose comes from intercoolant electric pump, the other L. side of stem, that hose runs either to a small like radiator and/or acts like a return line or there is a reservior that i have not been told about, or found yet. So I turned the key on, (just accessory mode/dashlights only) and I can hear the pump run & can hear a little water gurgling.. Let it run for, oh 3 to 4 min.. not engine, just pump for intercooler. I let pump run for a few more minutes, then turn key off, still the same, i see nothing. BUT, if i squeeze the hose coming from the pump going to that little threaded black cap, then i can see a little fluid come up inside that raised stem, and i squeezed hose hard enough together till sides touched each other, fluid level only came up about 1/4 inch inside that intercooler stem.

How in the hell are yousuppose to measure coolant level for intercooler? Do they make a measurement tool that snaps on that black cap that measures level, or does someone make a one piece cap with that option, that maybe replaces that black intercooler cap??

Weird question:
Eventhough intercooler intake sits high with maggie, could it cause OIL TEMPS to rise if coolant is low? Im not talking intercooler being dry, but if it is low enuff could it cause that or have anything to do with OIL temp?
OIL TEMP lately is kinda high to me, but after a good 20 plus miles, or 45 minutes to hour driving, OIL temp ends up 217 to 224. Seen it higher on other time, i think around 229.

Only other thing it could be is because it is punched now? But that LS6 we all have, you should have seen how thick those cylinder walls were. That baby would have been ok bored to 427. All the other times i punched motors, i have had them with way, and i mean way thinner cylinder walls., a 383, a 396, a 400, even punched out a slanted six for a old ass Dodge Dart a buddy of mine had. Geesh, we did that in 1980 & that slanted six still is running like knew, from what ole Texas Jo Bob is telling me.. lol (i swear thats his name) But rreally, all those engines listed above and plenty more never had OIL TEMPS increase by that margin!

PS. I will take some real closeup shots later tonight of that intercooler stem intake, so you can see what i mean. I have to do to this afternoon, or tonight 7ish. Leaving AM in morning for 2 weeks.. uhhhg


05-09-05, 08:52 PM
Blitz,I was told not to open that and if I did I should re-bleed the system.My oil temp always around 225,I don't think thats terribly high,but I'm looking into a external cooler.Why do you think your intercooler coolant is low?Leaking?Smelling something?

05-09-05, 09:17 PM
My oil temp runs around 225 also. I don't know of a way to check the level but there is a brass colored bleed screw on mine by the intercooler hose on the passengers side.

The install instructions just say to take off the intercooler hoses, put a funnel in the one on the passengers side and have the one from the drivers side flow into the funnel for 10 minutes with the key on (pump running) and engine off. I haven't done this with mine yet (planned for tomorrow) but I put just under a gallon of coolant into the system when I did the install.

I don't remember the black cap but will take a look tomorrow.

05-09-05, 09:28 PM
:hmm: Please post some pics, I installed mine and don't have any of that. Wish it had some pressure relief or a cap and a drain bung.

I put just under a gallon of coolant into the system when I did the install.

I don't know where I put it but I put in almost 2 gallons :bonkers:. Ran my hoses a bit different though but not a gallon's worth.

05-09-05, 09:46 PM
Yes, please post pics. I don't have this either.

05-09-05, 10:04 PM
My bad, it was nearly 2 gallons. The instructions also state that the system capacity is about 2. Here is a pic of the bleeder on mine.

05-09-05, 10:23 PM
Here is a pic of the bleeder on mine.

Doesn't that vacuum hose that runs over your intake tube rub your hood liner? The forward clamp of the intake hose rubbed a hole on mine.

05-09-05, 10:25 PM
You would all do well to add Redline Water wetter to your Intercooler and radiator for that matter. If you just need to top it up, give it a try.

05-09-05, 10:27 PM
I'm guessing here but I think whoever did Blitzs install put a fill t on the intercooler line where it comes off the bleeder on the right side of the supercharger.I don't know how to post pics in here.Just picture a plastic prestone fitting tied into the cooler line going to the cooler

05-09-05, 10:30 PM
I put about 8 oz in and about 35% antifreeze and let it churn for the 10 min purge cycle. Put the rest in the overflow.

05-10-05, 09:53 AM
Doesn't that vacuum hose that runs over your intake tube rub your hood liner? The forward clamp of the intake hose rubbed a hole on mine.

Actually that's the coolant line from the TB to the pass side vent pipe. I had it running under the intake tube but it rubbed on the drive shaft for the Maggie (almost rubbed through). It does rub on the hood liner now and I have to re route it today so that it doesn't rub through.