: Deville Help!

05-09-05, 01:00 AM
I have a 76 deville and the half vinyl top needs replacement. What are my options? has anyone had any experience? I hear it is close to 600 bucks i dont really have that kind of money. thanks

05-09-05, 02:03 PM
Hello fellow -76 owner.
your options are as i can see it four.

#1 you do nothing. Not so good option
in my opinion. but for a while to save money
it would't be wrong.

#2 you have the top replaced. I dont live in USA
so i don't know about the cost to have the
top replaced, but it has been some good threads
about vinyl tops in the forum not so long ago, do
a search for vinyl top in the forum and i'm sure
you get some good hits.

#3 remove the top and drive the car without the
vinyl top. You are almost certain to have to paint
atleast the roof, with your's cars colour.
If you want that to look good and last, that is not
a easy or really cheap work.

#4 almost as number 3, except that you paint
yours cars roof with "body", i dont know the name
in USA but the product is the "thick" paint one
use under the car to protect from grawel wear.
This product is applied by a special airgun and
are awiable in atleast two colours, black and white,
and IIRC mixable to blend others colours.
The surface of the "body spray" reminds a little
of a vinyl, it's sort of a crackeled surface.

I have personally never used this method myself
to copy a vinyl top, and there is surealy some one
who knows more about this, than I if you want to
know more.
But IMHO it should be a real top job or
a real paint job that would be best for the classic -76
good luck