: Headers for the Corsa Exhaust

05-08-05, 06:24 PM
The guys over at DTE tell me that their Stage-III package has hit a bit of a snag. Essentially, their special "lead-pipes" are NOT available. :crying: These are the things that allow them to cleanly connect SW headers to a Corsa exhaust. I hope they'll be available at some point, but I have no news on their plan.

I still want DTE to do the Stage-III tune on my PCM, but I'll need another solution for headers. Right now I'm leaning heavily toward Corsa and while I have no absolute preference on headers, I think I'm leaning toward the TPIS long-tubes.

Do any of you know what the TPIS people mean when they say "a little cutting is involved" with the header installation? Or might any of you have some advice on a good set of headers & high-flow cats that will be an easy install with the Corsa?

05-08-05, 10:29 PM
B & b makes a long tube header with high flow cats and work very weel with the corsa exhuast.

05-08-05, 11:13 PM
B&B would be my recommendation, though I believe technically not a long tube but a Tri-Y instead? Midlenghth? I dunno, I just know they should be here this week :bouncy:

05-08-05, 11:20 PM
B&B makes two different headers - several of us have the Tri-Y's with 5" converters which bolt up to the stock exhaust location.

B&B long tubes are available with 4" converters and require cutting of the exhaust.

05-08-05, 11:29 PM
TPiS headers - some blue wrench work is required. No big deal for a professional installer.


05-09-05, 01:11 AM
Who's in for the group buy!?!