View Full Version : Windshield Repair woes

05-08-05, 01:11 AM
This is just a warning to anyone with a '90s Fltwd. which needs a new windshield.

I had my '94 Fltwd. windshield replaced last week by Safelite Autoglass. They make their own auto glass, and do not like to buy glass from other sources.

I made the mistake of letting them install a new windshield that wasn't an "exact" fit. They told me they could have made a nationwide search for the original windshield, but that was after I had taken a day off work, and made arrangements to get the car in for the windshield replacement. I told them I would not be recommending their product to the Cadillac community.

The problem is they make a windshield that is a "universal" fit, so it can be installed in multiple vehicles. After the installation, the VIN number window is partially covered, and the angle that the windshield makes with the bottom edge of the frame is so close to the dashboard, I couldn't reinstall my dashboard cover. Also, the windshield edge strips do not sit flush against the glass. I think this is due to the thickness of the sealant strips they use, which are pre-formed and cut for this model Cadillac.

Anyway, be forewarned. If the glass isn't an exact match in size, look to another company to install the windshield. The PN of the windshield they installed is Safelite #022918.