: '94 Brougham Stainless door trim panel?

425 Dual Quad
05-06-05, 09:03 AM

Might need a right hand rear door stainless door trim panel for a '94 Brougham. Are they available? Anyone have one and if so how much?

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05-06-05, 09:08 AM
I don't think you can get new ones anymore, since virtually every part like that for the Fleetwood has gone out of production. Regardless, what you can find are going to be very hard to get and probably quite pricey since they're so limited and rare--the one's from junked Fleetwood's, for example, tend to be the first pieces taken off. :yup:

05-06-05, 02:31 PM
What do body shops do? There should be some source for reproduction pieces, right?

All mine is looking good save the right rear 1/4 panel, it is slightly wrinkly...

425 Dual Quad
05-08-05, 10:35 PM
Thanks! Anyone else have any leads on 93-6 Fleetwood stainless door trims?


05-09-05, 06:02 AM
Check this site out, and do a search. I've been using it to find a replacement radio for my '93. It searches and lists the inventory of parts off of salvaged cars.


Never know what you might find!

05-09-05, 02:33 PM
I bought the plastic chrome trip pieces on the fenders last year for my Fltwd. left side. Didn't have any problems getting them at Chevy. I plan (hope) to replace the right side this summer.

The plastic chrome is looking bad, lots of wrinkles and starting to peel.

Does anyone have a problem with the door trim around the window shifting. It seems to have shifted in it's track over the years and the point of intersection for the horizontal and vertical chrome strips is mis-aligned.
See the attachments. The right side is the side that has shifted.

05-09-05, 11:58 PM
Nick, exactly which trim piece do you need? The one around the window, or along the bottom?

One tip on the door window trim pieces. I've been working on the paint finish and other surfaces lately one of my Fltwds. Trying to get it restored to an acceptable look after a number of years of neglect.

I used some plastic polish on the dark silver trim piece along the bottom outer edge of the window sill. If your trim is a bad as the trim on my car after years of sun and ozidation, it will have a rough dull finish. Well, the plastic polish really helps bring back the shine. the plastic seems to be a solid color throughout, so the polish doesn't remove an outer thin finish. It's slow going by hand, but the surface does look nearly original. I do think I'll check with GM to see if the window sill tril is still available, just in case I get really tired of polishing.

425 Dual Quad
05-12-05, 11:14 PM

It's the lower door panel, LH rear. It's dented.

thx, Nick

05-16-05, 02:42 PM
right hand rear

LH rear

Which side do you need, passenger side or driver side. I have the passenger side if you need it.

05-17-05, 11:45 PM

I was ordering the chrome fender strips at the Chevy dealer today, and asked about that specific part. I've been using some plastic polish on the grey/silver plastic strip, below the chrome, to clean them up a little. I was curious if I could still buy them.
They are no longer manufactured, BUT there are still some available in various warehouses across the US. They run about $74.00.

If you want to invest in the new parts, I would go to a local GM dealer parts counter, and see if they can find them for you.

FYI, the plastic chrome fender strips are still available. I just ordered a complete set (two front, two rear) for about $50.00 each. I can provide the PNs if anyone wants them. (The receipt is out in the car).

425 Dual Quad
05-19-05, 05:09 PM

Thanks for your information guys! Much appreciated. I was looking for the parts for a car I was intending to buy but bought one on ebay at the weeked!! [I was only looking on ebay to do some price matching!]

However the current owner will be interested in these parts. His name is Adam [A man called Adam...] I've actually directed him to my posts on this forum.

We're in luck - the needed panel is the passenger side rear door lower panel. I'll let Adam know.

best regards all
Nick :)