: Fitting aftermarket stereo to 92 STS? How?!

05-03-05, 03:35 PM
Hi guys, first post here. I'm in the UK and have just recently picked up a 92 STS which I'm very much enjoying. My fourth American car but first Cadillac.

One of the first things I decided to change is the factory head unit. I assumed that it would be a standard unit where I could whip the old one out, maybe have to snip a few wires or buy an adaptor, and stick the new one in (this is what I've done in every other car I've owned!). I went out and bought a double DIN unit and pulled the old unit out, and it's certainly not what I was expecting. Digging about a bit, I've found that the radio receiver is actually mounted in the trunk with all the speakers, aeriel etc. connected into that. This is then linked to the head unit through some sort of proprietary datalink system.

I'm hoping someone can advise me on how on earth I can connect an aftermarket headunit into this system?! Being in the UK I'm finding it hard to get expert advice, as audio shops here don't have a clue about Cadillacs (fair enough!) and there are no dealers to ask either. Searching on the Net I've found a product called Peripheral Vendetta which seems like it might be the right sort of thing - however it only seems to connect the speakers up and not everything else, e.g. aerial, power, etc.

The connectors on my new head unit are:

Front Left +
Front Left -
Front Right +
Front Left -
Back Left +
Back Left -
Back Right +
Back Right -
Hand Brake
Power Amp Control
Power Antenna
Ground Wire

It also take a conventional coax style radio aeriel input.

Any advice anyone could offer would be hugely appreciated!

Cheers guys,

05-03-05, 03:51 PM
Welcome to the forums, Dan.
Do a search on the subject, I think it has been covered.

The head unit is just a "dummy", all the important stuff is in the trunk.
An interface is an option, there are several around.
Take a look at this site:

Also do a search on "clean sweep" here on cadillacforums.

05-03-05, 06:24 PM
Will one of the Scosche converters work? Example here: http://www.cardomain.com/item/SCOGM02B

They say they work on 1992-1995 Sevilles, but it seems a bit too simple and cheap?! I guess if it does work you'd have to run a separate lead for the aeriel?


05-04-05, 03:15 PM
Excuse my bad etiquette, replying to my own post twice, but I'm officially confused! Digging around a bit more, I've found an adapter on http://www.installer.com/wires/index.html# which costs $88.95 and seems to be what I need. But what exactly does the Scosche lead do, as it's a fraction of the price and claims to work with the 92 Seville?! Please help guys!