: Kelly Cadillac-Chattanooga, TN

Conductor Al
05-02-05, 01:20 AM
My dealings with them were very limited, due to the poor service quality there. I'll give them credit in that they sold us our used Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (1989) at a reasonable market price and it was in excellent condition. However, the poor performance of their service department caused us to leave them. The car was brought back numerous times for the same problem, which they were unable to correct after holding the car for an unreasonable amount of time. We took it to Cherokee Barnes Rhodes-a local GM specialist shop and they got our business ever since. Every problem that needed tending to was fixed on the first trip, most shop visits lasting no more than a day. Repair charges were about 1/3 of the dealership's ransome using genuine GM parts and factory trained technicians.

01-19-09, 09:13 AM
I posted a detailed writeup in the general forum if my experience at Kelly. I was treated like dirt. I was mocked and basically kicked out of the service department. I'm a well respected attorney in town - not some punk. I was very calm, collected, and nice - despite being treated like dirt. There is simply no excuse for the manner in which the service staff handled themselves. I have owned my car for under a month and have a full GMPP - GM - warranty! I WILL NEVER go back to Kelly Cadillac for any reason whatsoever.