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05-01-05, 10:54 PM
Help please! I have a 1993 sts northstar. It is leaking oil around the oil pan. I think i need to replace the gasket. However, I checked with one local dealer who wanted to charge 2200 or 2400 hundred to fix it. Is this reasonable. I was told that to repair it I would have to drop the engine.If this is true is there some one you know that would be willing to do it at a lesser price than the dealer? Thanks WJ Riverdale, Ga

05-01-05, 11:25 PM
this probably belongs in the Northstar section.....

anyways, welcome to the forum~!

anyways, that sounds like they want to fix a half case leak or something. (not the oil pan gasket)

Do a search here for oil leak and you will see lots of info.

Good luck

05-02-05, 01:50 AM
Unless its gushing oil, don't worry about it...a little drip of oil, or more likely a light coating of oil on the underside of the engine...so what, that's not worth spending over two grand to fix it. I'd leave it be unless its causing a puddle or a problem! Read up on it on here, LOTS of info about that repair...

05-04-05, 02:37 PM
There's a good chance that its not the pan gasket, but is the pan bolts.

Here's the deal - oil will seep through the aluminum case into the bolt holes, then run down the bolts to the pan lip and spill over. Looks just like the pan gasket is leaking. To check, remove 1 pan bolt. If it is sopping wet with oil, this is your problem. Clean the bolt and bolt hole well with brake cleaner. Coat bolt with thread sealer and reinstall. Repeat for all other bolts one at a time.

This reduced the oil leak on my 93 ETC by about 2/3.

Good luck.

05-09-05, 01:02 PM
or if your ever up by me in illinois we could drop the motor and do the job, i just dropped the engine on my 94 seville this weekend

05-09-05, 04:08 PM
or if your ever up by me in illinois we could drop the motor and do the job, i just dropped the engine on my 94 seville this weekend

I bet lots of folks here wish they had a neighbor like you!

05-09-05, 08:16 PM
or if your ever up by me in illinois we could drop the motor and do the job, i just dropped the engine on my 94 seville this weekend
I hope I never need to take you up on it.

09-18-05, 10:50 PM
where in illinois do you live I might need you help dropping my pan

09-18-05, 10:56 PM
I'm leaking from the pan and what looks like the sensor too it's bad enough to cause some smoke if I get on it too long on a hot day. Besides that I might go through a quart maybe two a week I gave up on oil changes. I had my car up on a rack looks like it sprays all the way back to my gas tank it's all over my cat which causes a bad smell when I get my camera back I will post some pic of how bad this leak is. My buddy thinks that it might be a bad o ring on my oil level sensor but it's much worse than that would allow it to get in my eyes.

09-18-05, 11:04 PM
I cracked my oil pan with a pothole on a dark unlit street. I could fill the car with oil drive with no problem but when i parked I would lose most of the oil in 10 min. My mechanic (not a dealer) said the transmission would have to be taken out to get to the pan but that's something he doesn't do. I checked a couple of transmission places for prices but ended up at a dealer Charles Olds/ Cadillac near Levittown, Pa.
The labor for the job was $900. They were almost the cheapest; one place said $800 labor. I went with the dealer though because I felt they had the most experience. you know regular transmission places might get 1 in 50 being a cadillac.

09-19-05, 03:11 PM
Oil and NorthStar's - I've considered giving up on oil changes as well. Just don't forget the oil filter. It's still doing its job and does need to be changed on time.

My [historical] thought's been valve guides - but I'm getting no takers on that one.

What I'm seeing is to wait till the level just about drops off the dip and add a quart. Every once and a while throw in a quart of mystery oil. Change the filter when the system says oil change needed and reste till next ime.

Seems simple enough_

09-19-05, 11:48 PM
I haven't forgotten about the filter. I did however find someone willing to do the work for me as long as I help out with the work. One problem is I won't have a car for awhile which sucks but the end result sounds good time to save up for a beater car or a rental wish me luck