: Tailor made rubber mats

10-23-13, 12:46 PM
To those of you who are interested, I've just bought some genuine Saab rubber mats for the 9-3 which are a perfect fit for the BLS as they share the same floorpan, certainly for the saloon version, though I'm assuming the estate is the same up to the rear seats? The mats by the way are excellent quality and the parchment set I have are a perfect complement to the leather in my car. At least my carpet mats won't get filthy anymore now I've taken them out and replaced them with the rubber mats. For less than 25 quid, I'm well chuffed....by the way, you'll have to put up with 'Saab' embossed in the rubber on the front mats!

Here's the links:



10-23-13, 02:16 PM
Too late for me!Couple of years ago I could not source fitted mats.Did not think of Saab.I eventually sent a pattern to Cannon and they made up a fitted rubber carpet set.Managed to get some original spare beige carpets on Ebay.

11-01-13, 12:19 PM
Price was too good to resist.However beige does not stay clean for long!!!My Cannons were black.

11-01-13, 02:39 PM

Yes, you are right on the money with that one, but at least you can just whip them out of the car on a nice day and hose them off!

By the way Maz, if you (or any of our remaining BLS friends) ever need any help finding part numbers, I don't mind you giving me a buzz via PM and I'll do my best to assist as long as you're prepared to do any final double checking before you buy parts. At least being an owner/enthusiast, my help if I can give it, is free. I've learnt so much from BLS diesel ownership!