: recommended headrest lcd 94-96 fleetwood?

05-01-05, 01:40 AM
I've been thinking of adding 2 headrest lcd's to my pioneer navigation system I'm thinking about buying some pioneer 8" headrest lcd screens AVD-W8000 http://pioneerelectronics.com/pna/product/detail/0,,2076_4025_36599,00.html

The thing I would like to know is on my 94 fleetwood the headrest moves both up frontwards and it tilts slightly too these 2 movements i think would interfere with a correct headrest install i think because it is my understanding that the lcd is held onto the 2 bars that are in the headrests but Is there anything that would interfere with the installation? Is there any headrest lcd that is better or easier to install?

Let me know what anyone has tried I am only interested in a headrest lcd because I think it has a better overall look and it doesnt look as tacky as the overhead screens headrest lcds look more stock to me.