: Learned from MAF and Cranckshaft Position Sensor (CKP) Replacements

04-30-05, 10:51 PM
Hope my message would help.
I replaced the MAF and Cranckshaft Position Sensor (CKP) today. The 'Check Engine' is gone and the engine staling was fixed.

Problem descriptions:
1. Check Engine is on even after I replaced the O2 sensors;
2. Engine would not be turned on when hot. Engine stopped at trafic lights and it was very hard to restart. Police was always excited.

Points before repair:
1. Where to get the part: https://www.gmotors.com I got both MAF and the Cranckshaft Position Sensor for $148 (MAF $120, only $28 for CKP). They UPSed the parts to me in 4 days. Great money saver and service.
2. Drive with 3-footer: left foot on the brake and right foot adds some gas to prevent the car from stalling at the trafic lights. It is not very good for the transmission but better than the horns and police behind you.

Points during repair:
1. Put a rope or wire done from the space around the CKP wire connecting area to help to find the sensor end from underneath the car. This is useful for newbies.
2. Clean the CKP before replacing it. My CKP had a thick layer of dirt on it. I replaced it any way since I bought the part already. I guess clean the end of the sensor would work.
3. Pull the wire of the CKP from the top. This is not my credit. I learned from this forum. It is much safer to cut the sensor side because you know exactly what you are cutting this way. Cutting the wire connecting end is not recommended.
4. Rewire the cable of CKP from the much larger space to the left of the original narrow space. For me it is almost impossible to line the CKP along with the original route.

Points after repair:
1. Learn to fix the car by yourself. This will save you a fortune.
2. Keep, enjoy and love your Catera.

Thanks all the helps I got from this forum.

01-09-06, 03:17 PM
good post

01-13-06, 09:18 AM
i had a hard time re-routing the wire through the original path. so imprevised, just a note