View Full Version : new cd player instalation

04-30-05, 04:47 PM
ive got a 96 deville and i put a new cd player in i bought a new adapter with the chime and what not but only one speaker will work. how do i bypass the factory amp or what do i need to do?

05-01-05, 01:24 PM
Well try to see if your balance and fader is set correctly, if they are then...welcome to Caddy wiring school 101!!!:)

1. Cadillacs have non-standard wiring codes and most aftermarket wiring harness don't work like they should (happened to my 98 deville).

2. If you have a Bose premium stereo you're better off to bypass everything and run your own wires.

3. Here's the hard part...Cadillacs have security systems that monitor the factory headunit in case if it's stolen, and for some reason they decides to integrate some of the car's feature into the radio itself so if you remove the factory headunit some of your car's feature won't work properly. My Deville goes into sleep mode every now and then(remote lock doesn't work) because I took out the factory deck(non-Bose version). I guess GM don't like people taking their cars apart:hmm:

Anyone else would like to help this poor guy???