: Driveshaft the same as CTS?

Charlie Costello
10-21-13, 11:49 AM
I have never looked and the underside of a V-6 CTS so I am wondering if the drive shafts are the same as the V's. My carrier is squealing, and would not rather pay to buy a new shaft assemble. Any help is appreciated.

10-21-13, 12:43 PM
I have a stock 2005 CTS-V driveshaft that you can have for $100 (I'll pay ground shipping).
~95k miles on it. No known isssues or worn parts.

I went with the 8.8" kit before i broke the stock stuff. Timing is everything, I was planning to take it the metal recycler with other scrap this week....

email if you're interested?

hammar at mtco dot com

maggied 2005 V

Charlie Costello
10-21-13, 05:17 PM
I appreciate you offer, and am inclined to take it. Where are you located? I am willing to do this if there are no issues with it. Thanks so much. Please email me at vcimpalal@aol.com, or call 330-801-1003. Thanks so much,

10-21-13, 10:22 PM
Where in Illinois? If CC doesn't take it and you're close to Chicago, I could use it this week as my trans is coming out and my carrier bearing is on its way out.

Charlie Costello
10-22-13, 11:17 AM
Email sent, thanks

Charlie Costello
10-22-13, 04:48 PM
Thanks to Hammer, I will get his shaft soon. Since I will have the extra shaft, I will work with folks to possibly find a fix for the one I take out. I am sure it will take some doing, but I can be tenacious.

10-22-13, 06:48 PM
like i said in the general forum area... the carrier bearing on the cts drive shaft, and the V drive shaft look the same atleast on my two cars. I replaced the carrier bearing on my 2003 cts last year with a replacement gm unit from a gm dealer selling parts on ebay. Im willing to bet the bearing fits the V drive shaft and the front half of the two piece drive shaft looks the same on the V and base cts.

Charlie Costello
10-23-13, 07:17 AM

Thanks for your input. Would possibly still have the part number available. Many thanks,

10-23-13, 11:27 AM
gm#88951975, thats the carrier bearing that I put on my 2003 cts driveshaft, that the dealer says is non servicable... which in some part is correct as you cant really service the bearing or carrier itself, but you sure can replace it. If you ask the dealer they will tell you that you need a whole new drive shaft. ALSO im not promising that this bearing will fit the V... but from what i have seen on my two cars... the front half of the drive shaft including the carrier bearing looks the same on the V as well as the base cts.... I would be confident enough to say the carrier bearing is the same

here is proof, the same bearing and part# is listed for both the cts and the cts-v... also a notation that it is for tremec 6spd manual transmissions..
CLICK picture to load the nally website.

http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o68/voodoochikin04/cts-vbearing_zps5d25abac.jpg (http://parts.nalleygmc.com/products/Cadillac/2004/CTS-V-4-DR/BEARING-KIT-CenterIntermediate-Propeller-Shaft/3086500/88951975.html)

Charlie Costello
10-23-13, 12:52 PM
I am going to do some research once I receive the other driveshaft and make some measureents. Thanks in advance.

10-24-13, 02:18 PM
Sorry all, got busy at work and fell away from the website a couple days. Fingers crossed the DS get's the Charlie on Monday with no hitches. I LOVE reusing V parts, glad this board gets us all in one place once in a while :) I sent the stock diff to one of 'us' in Hawaii a few months back...

maggied 2005V