: New Northstar Motor Breakin ??

04-29-05, 09:26 PM
I bought a new, "o4 Deville a few weeks back. (The last one on the lot.) I drove it 40 miles home. Drove 28 of the 40 miles at 60mph in cruise control. When I got home, I read the owner manual. It said, don't drive at any one speed, fast or slow, for the first 500 miles. Did i mess up or what? Any thoughts on what may be in store for me. I know, read the owners manual first dummy.:hide:


04-29-05, 09:57 PM
It won't hurt it. They do break in better with a varying speed but over the 500 or 1000 miles that little bit won't matter.

04-29-05, 10:29 PM
I agree with Zonie. Don't fret, she'll be fine.

04-30-05, 12:29 AM
Yea, it is fine. Nothing would have been hurt at all driving it like that.

Don't be afraid of the throttle or to open it up occasionally. It likes it and needs load to break in fully.

One way to accelerate and ensure complete breakin is to drive on the expressway at 50-55 in manual 2 gear. Use wide open throttle to accel to 70 or so and then lift off the throttle completely to allow engine braking deceleration back to 50. Repeat 10-12 times. Put it in drive and drive normally to cool things off. Repeat the accell/deccel schedule again. Do this occasionally to keep the rings free, chambers free of carbon and exhaust system cleaned out. The rings in particular need the side loading from the accell and then deccell loading to burnish the sides of the ring lands on the pistons to ensure a positive seal.