: No respect for the Sportster

02-11-03, 09:10 PM
Hey KC...just curious here....The other day I walked into a bike shop here in SA and asked about the Sportster. First thing out of the guy's mouth is that its a chick bike and that I'm better off with a FXSTD. I mean I like them bikes also but the Sportster fits me more. I mean I look at the Sportster as the hot rod of the Harley line-up. Power to wieght ratio is better on the Sportster isn't it?

02-11-03, 09:34 PM
Correct a mundo!!! The guy was a DORK! Nobody ever says stuff like that to me....And I always wish they would! Instead they always say it to guys who they think won't Knock'em out of their shoes! The Sportster is one of two motorcycles that H-D makes/made that I recommend to guys that want to go fast and have some decent handling and still ride a Harley. The other one (MY personal favorite) is the FXR! The newer Sportsters are a little less powerful right out of the factory than their earlier brothers were...BUT, Thats easily cureable...A little head work a carb a good two into one pipe and a set of cams and mill the heads to raise the compression and the things will scream. A little tweaking on the suspension and the next thing you know....you've got a pretty competant motorcycle! Then when some eliteist weenie tells you it's a girls bike.....Tell him to bring whatever he thinks he's got that'll beat it to the track! If he brings that heavy bad handling FXSTD with him he won't even get close!