: Oil pressure gauge

Jerry Davies
04-28-05, 09:19 PM

From the time I bought my 1999 Catera a couple of years ago it's bothered me that the oil pressure gauge, after the engine is warmed up, goes down almost to the red line when the engine is at an idle. I've had it checked by a Cadillac dealership and was told the oil pressure is good. The voltage gauge next to the pressure gauge is almost all the tme below the half-way mark too but everything seems fine. I've seen the records from before I bought the car and found that a sensor was already replaced for this.

Is this normal for a Catera?

Otherwise I really like the car. Handles really nice and is extremely quiet on the freeways.

Thank you,


04-28-05, 10:21 PM
There are warning lights that come on if it gets too low. Usually, though, if its above the redline then its fine - honest. Make sure it goes higher with the throttle, it should fluxuate depending on how you're driving (once the engine is fully warmed up). It'll go lower as the oil warms up and thins out the pressure drops automatically because theres less force needed to circulate the oil.

Change the oil if you want so you know that its the proper weight and viscosity. Which if im correct, from earlier posts you're planning to do.

04-29-05, 07:40 AM
Hey Jeff,
What happened to your "warrior" foot note? I kinda liked it :0)

04-29-05, 11:45 AM
Hey Jeff,
What happened to your "warrior" foot note? I kinda liked it :0)
Me Too :thumbsup:

Jerry Davies
04-30-05, 03:09 PM
Thank you Jeff,

Feel a lot better about my low reading oil gauge now. It does go up when I apply the gas so I'm thinking everything's ok. Do most 99 Catera's oil gauges sit near the red line when at an idle?

Thanks agian,