: V1 Kooks 1-3/4" headers w/cat pipes, ceramic coated

10-19-13, 04:21 PM

I recently changed up my header setup in order to allow me to re-do my oil cooler plumbing. So, off came the Kooks and on went some (modified) JBA Camaro shorties.

The headers and cat pipes were sent to Swain Tech for their White Lightning ceramic coating before being installed a couple years ago. Anyone who has installed headers on one of these cars knows how tight a fit it is getting them in and out, so the coating does have some spots where it has been scraped away during a few installs and removals, but I would say the ceramic is 98%+ intact. They have ~24k miles on them.

The headers/cats were mated up to a Magnaflow exhaust, which has also come off the car. The whole exhaust isn't available, as I chopped the mufflers off for future use, but I do have the Magnaflow X section, which was modified to mate up to the cat pipes. If you want the X, I'll throw that in for free.








Asking price is $950 shipped to CONUS. Obviously shipping isn't going to be cheap, so I think that price is more than fair considering the $400+ of Swain Tech coating, plus the cat pipes and X-pipe (if desired) are included.

If you have questions or whatever, please post them here rather than sending a PM. Thanks.

10-19-13, 08:21 PM
Where are you located?

10-20-13, 12:31 AM
Norfolk, VA.

10-21-13, 06:11 PM
SOLD on LS1tech.