: Hey, Stealth & you other V encyclopedias, need urgent help guys!!

04-28-05, 11:38 AM
Hey guys..

I am running at of time, quick..

I have 2 car shows i am trying to make, within 20 days.

The first one, well it really to me is not a car show to which one could place, at least i think that is the way it will be.. LUND Performance, in PHX. Alot of Vendors will be there, so thats why it is important for me to make a show, meet ppl, get updated info, and input on what alot of V owners need.. If they will not commit to certain parts, i feel they would sale, then i would ask at that point if i could make an investment, or become an Angel Investor to get it done..
Thats what i do, and alot of it.. Invest all over the world, mostly companies, 3 to 4 years min in business, not in the red... but need that little help to get over the edge to get that greatness, recognition of quality they need... also freedom in advertisement, as they wish, so they are not binded into a bs contract, and advertisement can kill you just as quick as it can make you, if not done correctly..

ok, i have a reall nice orbital jig saw, laser guided, high speed.. what kind of blade is the best to use, to cut the original fuelrail/coilpack cover that came on the cts-v.. with out fckn it up... i dont need it to get so damn hot it melts, or too jagged of a blade that could make it crack/split...

I have all the emblems removed, i have it marked/measured perfectly.. little over sized for room for error... have dremel to fine tune, take it down to perfection.. also i have it marked as so it will fit around maggie. all those little items that stick out, so it needs to be fitted snuggly around them. '
the orignal has that huge lip in the front, that bends down to hide all electrical eyesores... i hate the vette ones, in the V you can see right under them.. in the vette, the engine sits lower, so eyeball level you see nothing, looks great on the vette..

LAST.. PILLAR PODS, that will fit the CTS-V, so i can add 3 gauges that i really need... boost being 1 of 3... i have found many many pillar pods.. BUT NONE, ZERO THAT WILL FIT THE CTS-V. I would be happy if i could find a one peice pillar to change out, on the driverside, that has the pods molded in..

PLEASE... help if you can.. ya know blitzer is always greatful for any and all..

dont tell me to go to CADDYCRAPFAQ.COM been there... nothing on custom pillar pods for V.. KEYWORD CTS-V

blitzer... I have 63 hours to complete all, for all shows..
I have only today/tonight.. for the LUND tomorrow... uuuhhhhhgggg

04-28-05, 03:03 PM
Isnt the pillar the same as a regular cts ??????no one Is going to have a gauge pod for a V...
Look at the cts pillar.

04-28-05, 04:16 PM
"Caddycrapfaq.com"??? Chill a little, dude. You don't really mean to cast aspersions as you ask for help, right?

04-28-05, 05:15 PM
Lawfive beat me to it. Saying negative things about the Cadyfaq isn't going to get you a lot of help on this board.:helpless:


04-28-05, 06:16 PM
LAWFIVE WROTE: "Caddycrapfaq.com"??? Chill a little, dude.

OMG... jeezus h krist... just because i made a little joke, and called it caddycrap..
If you guys dont know me by now, that i joke around, then that is real sad..

SSMITH100 WROTE: Lawfive beat me to it. Saying negative things about the Cadyfaq isn't going to get you a lot of help on this board.

HEY ssmith100???
LOOK AT MY NAME.. i am supporting member... and you telling me to chill.... where is your cash to help all of us make these forums a little better..?

I mean if i hurt your feelings lawfive, or anyone else in fact.. let me know.. please. I will leave, never come come back... and just to show good faith, and what a good guy i am, i will pay another entire year of support.. JUST SO members can have the freedom, to say things a HELL of alot worse than i ever have.

I was man enuff to offer my apology for saying "CADDYCrap" as a joke, any of you man enuff to offer an apology?

laterz.... blitzer

04-28-05, 06:27 PM
Uh, what would I have to apologize for??? If you were making a joke, then fine. I think all lawfive and I were letting you know was if you wanted some input, then posting "cadycrapfaq.com" wasn't going to help your cause. As far as not being a "cash" supporting member, to be honest, since I joined over a year ago I haven't even thought about it. I am done discussing this though.


04-28-05, 07:19 PM
Well, thanx for the help guys really.. The info above should get my V on the right track.

Alcindus, thanx for reminding me of the CTS pillars.. I will definitely check this site out, that offers alot of mics items for CTS.. but nothing, as far as perf parts, or other things designed just for V series.. again thanx.

04-28-05, 07:49 PM
Alright, I will most likely get laughed at for this one. So before you guys laugh very loud excuse my ignorance.. lol I see there is a airbag symbol on the pillars, are they part of the curtain airbag system? Just don't wan't to see you get a face full of gauges if they are.. Now laugh away...:histeric:

05 CTS-V--- Light Platinum
Llumar Clear Bra and Tinted windows, LS6 Emblem, Stealth-V z06 fuel rail covers and Cags Eliminator,
K&N drop in filter, B&B 3" resonator exhaust....more mods coming..
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04-28-05, 08:10 PM
Yeah bill your right on track.. I know for a fact i have seen pillars, and i think it was made for a lincoln..ls something i think, the fast one.. but they made a modified pillar for gauges that would not blow off, instead either would swing away, it was just in a area out of the way of the explosion..

I have already looked, measured, taken things apart.. all kinds of crap in that area to be concerned about.. but i really need 3 to 4 more gauges.. too much to explain in words.. i have ordered & invested in this another 27,250 dollars.. not counting the ssticker price paid, after car purchase, added 14,500.. and just recently another 27k mentioned above.. changed things from heads, clutch, flywheel all the way back to diff.. wouldnt beleive me if i told you rwhp now, so not even going to...

but, i will personally send you the dyno from a very very good perf. company, that doesnt bs.. ;) , oh yeah.. crank & cam change also, but only after it was punched out.. thats why maggie tops it.. and i mean it thoughd G's brother...

later... blitzer

04-28-05, 08:24 PM
Damn.....:jawdrop: Need a write off? You can sponser my car and I will run a windshield banner.... Or better yet, you have done so much to your car that there isn't much left to do. There goes half the fun right??? Well I just happen to have a 1100 mile very close to virgin car looking to trade garage's to bring the fun back into moding for you...:histeric:

No way, no how, not happening, nice try, get a life you say...:rant2:
Hell it was worth a try....:lildevil:
In all seriousness, it sounds like you have one hell of a V..:worship:
PM me or E-mail with any HP numbers or 1/4 times if you care to share and I wont tell a sole if that is what you want. I would love to hear all about it..:shhh:

Oh and I am use to seeing and hearing about big numbers so I won't find it to hard to believe. My Lightning that I sold last summer dynoed netting 812 HP and 1023 FTLBS of torque at the rear wheels. Street legal truck that weighed in at 4782 with driver going a best of 10.23@134.08!! on slicks and skinnies Not bad for a pick up so I would love to see your V go..


04-28-05, 09:40 PM
Two outfits made pillars that I know of. Autometer is one. The other is LoTek. I contemplated doing it but because the pillar is covered in cloth I didnt want to screw with it. Lotek will make one if it doesent exist.


04-29-05, 11:51 AM
punched out?!?! supercharged: 402 or 427?!

dyno graphs, man... dyno graphs

you just gave half the forum wood