View Full Version : 91 deville alarm install?

04-28-05, 01:51 AM
hi i have a 1991 sedan deville 4.9 and my friend told me that i can go to a cadillac dealer and get the factory alarm system with the keypad installed for about 300$? does anyone know if this is true? and does anyone have a few sources that i could get a do it yourself version? thx for your time.

04-28-05, 03:35 PM
Don't know but make sure that it has some other features like, bump sensors, or glass sensors, proximity, etc. because it's only good if somebody tries to open the door without a key or start it without a key. If it's a good thief, they could break your windows, crawl in and spend as much time in there as they want. I would go for a top of the line factory alarm or an aftermarket. I just bought a Clifford G5 for mine. I found it on clearance for $150 but was originally $300 - $400. I want it to go nuts if somebody tries to take my rims or my deck. Also, I want to tint the windows which I think adds potential for my windows getting smashed in because they wont be able to just look in and see whats in there. This alarm will definitely warn them to "Back the F*%k up"!!!! Just something to consider.....

04-28-05, 04:38 PM
thx for the info. it used to have a 7oo$ clifford alarm with shock sensor etc before the previous owner removed it. But he was too much of a cheap skate to include it with the price. do u know where i can find a clearence webpage or store in seattle wa area? thx for time again

04-28-05, 06:21 PM
Well, you could try craigslist.org, or ebay. Thats all I know. I usually go to Goodguys or Circuit City and look for stuff on clearance. Good Guys is better for alarms. THats where I got mine for a fraction of the price.